Symptoms are panicked
Potential is there
Paperwork pending
Forward with care


Light is a fixture
Sent to encase
Sonic waves bending
Puts image in place

© 2003

in time (taste)

In time (taste)

I was sliding down a tube…ink and graphite…color.  The screeching squeaks and cries of my
hands… skin… grasping pushing against the wall. I was awake.  There aren’t dreams…only.
i’m bleeding again.
Too many words or not enough   which is it this time…and what would satisfy finally.  Stay
on course.  Or goes the quips of another adolescent morning staring into the trite. preying to
keep your attention.  Anything is suitable at this hour…stay the course.

                                                 sa tre arc

What a charmed.
a new species was found out of the trees.
poor the pigtails. and found the ladder…
punching passwords and popping pills…
her hours were worth even more than her moms.
no more games for the living only living for the game.
counting higher fast. bottom wages for the bottom line.
Trenches war red for the millennium.
Who has time to watch the clock? though. now.
through. The streams receding bank account.
trapped inside their cells.
inflation for the masses.
Ad-d ons NOW.
children have gotten laid-off by twelve fifteen.
ill defined to people…
meaningless. base. mine

10.7-hR d five nine

© 1998

glass (as prism)

This is printed on paper…far removed from where or what it is. Emotion. less. More. Nothing is completely pure is it…give or take.

Swatches of thought glued together by the chemicals of.

Female. Symmetry unsymmetrical soft and hard scents. Hair…lack there of …mind.
Attractive. A (peeling skin-scalpels). Never saw anyone slip out of the skin like that, dirty but
unworn. The muscle tone exquisite. Blood pressing against a non-existent shell now. drip
drip. Perfect glossy. I think I can hear her heart…losing pressure…falling out of love. She
lies waiting for the further. Takes in oxygen, breathes out life.

I think I’m gonna lose it…trash can or shoulder…which ever comes first.

© 1999

Written In Wax

Histories written in wax melting from conviction
Cooling in the molds of future’s past prediction
We’re wrapped up in the tapestries of our daily race
Covered by the fabric of our time and space
Killers of the gods we knew and the dreams we stole
Sacrificing light into our ancient blackened hole
So now you are what you were sometime yesterday
While memories and tragedies slowly fade away
And there you hung high upon the cold cool white fridge door
Stale entropies, spoiled luxuries, schemes and nothing more

© 1996

Bleed Like Me

You can cut me deep
Or let me be
Try me on
Sleep with me.

Don’t give me that
“I’ll always be”
I understand
You bleed like me.

                  – Erin Fowler

© 1999 – written for a character art piece

Under Urban Skies (Our Fate)

My mind is beyond the cell
Cosmic dreams, a trillion stories tell…
Fire and ice, we’ll build a better hell, oh well
Chromosomes twist and turn live and burn under urban skies our fate
Oh wait, forgot to feed the dog now body’s wasted way
Let’s play,
A game of spin the bottle, naming god, you or I, well who’s the fraud? Not that I care
Saw you standing there, alone, in the sea
Swimming through the family tree of dishonesty and destruction
Mother superior this corruption it’s ok cause I still love you but it’s too late
Let’s sale eight pints of blood to buy our birthday cake
Kill the children that should wake them up
Trapped inside a yellow plastic cup, grey scissors paper thin
Wrapped in skin I found you here
Alone and full of fear, if I’d known I’d have shown you all the colors in a blade of glass
Watch your ass…

© 1997

Health Care: My Take

[Originally posted on – 6/21/2009]

Re-designate all health insurance companies as non-profit.

Secondly, at some point after, I would like to see a government backed health care system based on the military complex. Create a branch of the services, independant from the armed services, that would over see instruction and training of public sector health care providers. After training the medical recruits would serve a tour of duty in the public hospitals after-which they could move into the private sector. This public health system could oversee and foster the creation of new diagnostic and surgical apparatus much in the same way the Department of Defense oversees the creation of new weapon systems. The purchasing power of the federal government would decrease costs to the consumers and allow for a greater reach of early detection. This would also allow for less beauracracy as many agencies could be culled while the remaining put under one roof.