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Health Care: My Take

[Originally posted on – 6/21/2009]

Re-designate all health insurance companies as non-profit.

Secondly, at some point after, I would like to see a government backed health care system based on the military complex. Create a branch of the services, independant from the armed services, that would over see instruction and training of public sector health care providers. After training the medical recruits would serve a tour of duty in the public hospitals after-which they could move into the private sector. This public health system could oversee and foster the creation of new diagnostic and surgical apparatus much in the same way the Department of Defense oversees the creation of new weapon systems. The purchasing power of the federal government would decrease costs to the consumers and allow for a greater reach of early detection. This would also allow for less beauracracy as many agencies could be culled while the remaining put under one roof.

How Farming Began?

[Originally posted on – 9/10/2009]

I think humans first began farming in order to trap animals. This would have brought the hunting grounds closer to their homes. Later on we began eating our crops, perhaps after a poor hunting season.

Why Humans Have Differing Pigmentation?

[Originally posted on – 10/20/2009]

I think human pigmentation is informed by the consumption of locally specific foods. While light absorption may be a key factor in determining a populations color characteristics; I have little doubt that it is local specific molecules and proteins which fundamentally contribute to the foundation of epigenetic instruction over the course of generations.

If this indeed holds true, it would prove evolution among life on earth is far less random than previously believed. Perhaps when applied to other characteristics and traits we will gain a greater view of the processes and events that have given rise to modern man.

Global Currency

[Originally posted on – 4/7/2009]

A global supra-currency is bad for many reasons if not for the sole reason that a global currency would allow the controlling body to dictate it’s policies onto any nation by simply “starving” the nation of needed credit currency. Countries will fall without a single shot being fired.

Banning Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Weapon Systems

[Originally posted on – 7/15/2007]

“down in the park – where the machmen meet the machines and play “kill-by-numbers” – down in the park with a friend called five.” Gary Numan – Down in the Park

   As technology grows ever closer to giving us an Autonomous Weapon System (AWS) I wonder if now is a good time to question whether or not they should be banned. The problem I see is not one of rehashed science fiction in which “the creation” turns on “the creator”. The problem I see is two fold.

   First and foremost AWS’s and Semi-AWS’s lower the cost of war for a country. If the only cost of attacking someone is vehicle loss, nations may, and I believe eventually will, go to war quicker as there will be little to no backlash from the public. When there is no longer a need to send “the boys” off to fight and die what will make a war unpopular? Who’s propaganda do you trust?

   Secondly and more disturbing is the question of what can and what will a government do to its own people when there is no longer a chance of failure in the chain of command. No longer will the ground forces have the human ability to go against orders. Imagine Nazi Germany with these systems. Imagine a mechanized SS patrolling the streets. Now understand that the likely hood of such a regime having these systems is almost guaranteed. It is human nature after all.

   After these considerations I would propose an international treaty banning Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Weapon Systems. This banning would not affect the use of drones for reconnaissance. It would however ensure the cost of war would remain more than most people are willing to pay and possibly keep governments a little more honest.