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Domino Substrata: Inverse

Run kids! The kids run through the fields, running from God; laughing and squealing like the children they are. God watches them as they bound back and forth. God watches them all. “You can’t catch me!” they scream. But God can, and God does.

Older Than Jesus

[redacted] Pen to paper.  Now I’m older than Jesus.  Where did the words go? Were they not me? Did they belong to someone else? Is all that’s left noise? Drops of fear. Trying to know what was me and what was reaction. A flap of a birds wing.

Bring back the rise and bring back the flame
Test for the time don’t think about pain

What’s bleeding inside you? Does it cry for you? With an ear to the road you move the stars. And with an ear to the wind you’ll move the bodies laid out in succession. right for the taking you ripen for the waste. You find a scratched glass window. Breaking it in your mouth. Worn and weary of what comes next. Nothing ever does. Or so you’d have believed.  Fidget the meanderer goes. Grows another stock of dust. Been here before you did that. It doesn’t call the guests tonight. She doesn’t fell the seam. Gross moves in enemy clothes. Beckon solid scrawls the lost. The dreams of a forgotten kind.

The lights don’t get bright when they flicker from over use. The skin doesn’t tie from troubles gone by. The prim and proper balance of a kingdom not courted. The sin not dragging behind. Sounds of a union rusting in the field. A fire on for one or two. Maybe just for the wild. Laughter isn’t something you’ve born. Worth isn’t something you have. Given something more. You would have lessened the still not a moment before.